Friday, March 16, 2007

5.16am in fyp lab......early in d morning, we r still struggling for reports submition 2morow... huhuhu..3 reports straight for all nite..fuh..letih gilos.. ngantuk nak mati..but still cannot sleep..wpun mata dh berat gile.. dulu igt it&islam is the most 'easiest', 'simplest', 'rilex-est', 'coolest' subject thru out d whole sem, but d reality is damn cruel. wpon no final exam, every week we hv to present and complete the report. And at d end, i found dat it&islam is the most 'tired-est', 'busy-est', 'suspen-est' and 'zero-rest' class.. but since dr fauzan is d lecturer, i still hv 3 stars to give him for dis subject. huhuhu

got to go...report x siap lg.. esok nk submit. Argh..belasah je lah. =(


:.Yus.: said...

huhu..bz2 pn smpt lg post blog tuh...tulh dl xnk amk sama2 ngan aku..what did u tell ti&islam is the simple-est,relax-est..thats true but during my time la..we only had to listen to the lecture,one group presentation.that all we did..but there r pro and cons.even though u'd face lots of work but u gain more experience...well like prof J said that's what we called student life..hehehe..

@naBest said...

huhuhu...di saat2 bz gini la aku teringat prof J. waaaaa