Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HaPpY Family~~

Dalam entry kali ini, aku nk publish kan few photos of my beloved family members.... Sbb dlm all entries before, aku byk menulis tentang kawan2....diri sendiri...sampai aku lupa pada mereka yg amat penting dalam hidup aku. Amat penting. So, these are few photos taken during my vacation at my lovely kampung... Lama dah gambar ni..Cuma x upload je.. Check it out!! (^_^)

My mak and abah ~~ Love them sooo much! ~~

Me with my younger sisters ~ From left: Ayu, Ani, Ana~

My beautiful and gojes Opah..hehehe

He is one of my family members ~Rambo...tp mak suke tulis Rainbow.....whatever la,tp I love him very very much~

Me and my sister, Ayu..~during kenduri

Ni tgh berkumpul nak g kenduri.....

From left: Ayu, Abang, Cu, Ani..~Meeting before g kenduri~

Ni rombongan wanita2 @ kenduri...Yang lelaki and budak2 dh hilang.... ^_^

Ni berkumpul kat umah Opah

At my house..~During raya~

My cute cousins..~ At my house

Itu aje lah...Ni cuma sikit je...From my mother's side je... Nanti I'll upload pic from both side, Mak and Abah..Hmmm.. Dan dikesempatan ini, I want to say that.. I love them sooo much!! I love myself...I love my family...I love my frens.... And I love people around me!!! \(^_^)/


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