Thursday, May 31, 2007

im feeling 'blue' today...feeling sad...feeling blur...feeling empty...hmmm.. why aa??? there is nothing in my mind rite now, but i feel lots of things are waiting for me to settle down... but where to begin ha?

hmm...i hv 18 more days to go. On 18/6 i'll complete my study in uia.. end of my students life. ..end of assignments...and end of simple, easy, enjoyful life... =( but, more challenging world is waiting for me..and i hope im ready for it. =)

Last weekend ICT gurls organized a simple, cool, unforgetable bon voyage party.. Let me recall sape yg ade.. hmm.. Noni, huda, emah, afni, reha, rapi, mza, senah, huda rahmani, ifah, ainen, ja, mira, ju, yani, yus and wan.. Thanx for those who came.. And sape2 yg xdtg tu..dun worry.. u guys r not forgoten.. hihihi.. best mlm tu...and kemuncak nye.. time gifts exchanging .. aku dpt hadiah dari ja.. i got bunga pot puri (betol ke eja) =).. wangi.thanx ja.. and my nice, preety gift, wrapped with surat kabar jd milik afni.. hehehe simpan la mende alah tu bebaik ye... Org betuah je yg dpt tu.. =)

Ni die some pic yg dpt aku tunjuk kan... Waaa aku sedih nk grad.. I'll miss u guys!


Anonymous said...

wah..sudah berwajah baru..it's cool..green..is better than black :p

Husna said...

ala ana..jgn la sedih..noni kn ader..hehe

hazlif said...

wei...u gonna miss this carefree life for the rest of your life!!enjoy it while u still have the chance!

@naBest said...

hahhaa...3 org pembaca setia ttp masih setia ye.. huhuhuhu terharu...