Friday, November 23, 2007

~Me at my work station~

Hahaha..these mencapab photos were taken at my cubical at Satyam.. huhuhu.. nmpk sgt xde kje kan... hmmm... Ifah selalu lalu lalang kt cermin belakang, selalu komplen : "Kenapa meja ko bersih sgt??" hhahaa.. dah xde keja ifah ooii.. (T_T) And currently Im doing e-learning (self-study) for my upcoming projects (hope I'll get it soooonn)...dah busan gile.. Hmm last week I had a small chit chat wif my senior, and she had told me dat this 'boring' season is common for trainees.. Back to her time before, she wasted 6 months of her time in Satyam doing nothing! And once she got the project, it was a none stop project!! And now, she is happy in Kuwait, for 2 weeks.. huhuhu.. People. Once the have rest time, the wanna work. And once they are working, they wanna rest. Hmmmm....What a life!!


M@YaZ said...

chat ngan senior seh~~ mantap tu .. haha .. ala .. tak lama lagi dapat la project .. selamat bersuka ria ya ..

hazlif said...

enjoy d moment babe...but nape x pose ala-ala "photo diva"??? heheheh

@naBest said...

hazlif -- tanpa ko, tiada lah diva.. huhuhuhu (T_T)

aizat -- senior la sgt...senior bkn boss.. huhuhu.. ZzzzZzzz

Anonymous said...

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