Thursday, May 17, 2007

3.23pm (thursday)

i'hv been silent from this blogger world for a quite some times...why?? im too bz with my 3P program... at the beginning of dis sem, i was planning to enjoy my last sem here...but it seems everything is turning up to be sumthin different..huhuhu dgn prob telekom nye...dgn kelas lagi...dgn 3P lagi... huuhuhu...

miscommunication ngan telekom makes me really2 annoy.. mnyampah!! miskin, kering kontang aku kt cni..kalo ade sugar daddy, xpo la jgk..isk, dose...huhuhuh but not only telekom is confusing me, finance uia pon same..why student needs to pay RM500 kalo buat 3taun stengah?bkn duit uia dh byk ke? why they keep asking us for money? kalo camtu, baik buat 4taun...xrugi pape..huhu bosan ah jd mangsa confuse nih...

hmm..rite now, im i 3P klas.. ni 1 lagi masalah dunia..bosan gile, but it is quite fun.. sonok gak belaja ni..kene blaja sungguh2 ni, tp the class starts at 9am until 5pm..huhuhuh 'best' siot ngadap pc nonstop! dh juling dh ni..and next week, our 1st exam.. it is all about sql.. harap2 lulus and then proceed to d next stage, .NET

wish me lux...

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